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Launch of Focuses on Midcoast Maine Food Scene

New Food Blog Shares Hidden Gems of this Under-Explored Culinary Hotspot


Rockland, ME:A new food blog emerged from the crowded landscape of online food obsessives, in the form of (, a new website focusing on the wide array of award-winning food and drink produced from Midcoast Maine. The website focuses on bringing attention to the people and incredible dishes being in served in some of the state’s lesser-known venues.

The new website was created by Malcolm Bedell, an award-winning author, avid food blogger, and owner of ‘Wich, Please, a small food truck located in Rockland, Maine. With ten years of food writing under his belt, and four of those years spent in professional mobile kitchens, Bedell is well-suited to shed a unique perspective on Midcoast food culture.

“In the last several years, Maine has firmly established itself as a key player in our growing national obsession with food. Much of the coverage online has been limited to either Portland’s food scene, or on well-worn tourist favorites,” Bedell says. “I thought it was important to shine a light on some of the lesser known local favorites in the Midcoast region.”

Bedell understand just how crowded the food blogging landscape has become, and understands how difficult it can be to gain a foothold in a medium saturated with food-related posts. “You know the odds are stacked against you,” Malcolm explains. “You do it not because you think it makes a ton of financial sense, or is a responsible use of your time. Whether you’re starting a food business or launching a feature-driven website in the quick-news Instagram age, you do it because you love the business and believe in what you’re doing. I want to build a resource that serves both visitors to our state, in town for just a few days and looking for a cheap bite to eat, as well as locals who may be curious about that new restaurant opening in town. Eventually, we will build a website driven not just by my thoughts on food here, but by reader submissions and real-time reporting from our users, with a suite of submission tools that make it easy for anyone to get published, anytime.”

Malcolm Bedell has been writing about food and food culture since 2010. His book, “Eating in Maine: At Home, On the Town, and On the Road” was nominated for a Maine Literary Award for Nonfiction in 2015. Malcolm’s writing and photography has been featured in Bon Appetit, Down East Magazine, The LA Weekly, The Guardian, and The Huffington Post. His food truck, ‘Wich, Please, was awarded “Hottest Restaurant in Maine” by in 2015.